11.11 Meditation

11.11 Meditation

Your journey begins at a mountain trail.

The terrain is a cool, temperate forest.

Gentle rain has been falling for most of the day.

You are carrying a staff and compass.

You are ready for your journey.

Take the first step on the trail.

The ancients are whispering a traveling song .

Beautiful flowers and towering trees frame the path.

There is bird call and the sound of a brook.

Spend time experiencing the magic  of the trail.

In a clearing ahead is a bridge.

Walk towards the bridge.

The stream below the bridge is crystal clear.

Small fish dart between the rocks.

Bend down to capture a cup of water.

The water is pure and healthy.

Slowly drink the cool water, refreshing your body.

As you cross the bridge and a small cabin appears through the trees.

Walk towards the cabin, this is your destination.

Stop to rest on the porch.

You feel safe and protected.

Take time to look at the view across the valley.

There are green forests and rolling hills as far as the eye can see.

As evening approaches you enter the cabin.

A fire is already lit, the table is set and a pot of soup simmers on the stove.

You serve yourself soup and settle down on the chair beside the fire with a book.

As night falls, you relax into a deep sleep.

In this state of deep sleep your soul lifts out of the body.

Floating above the room you can see and hear all that is going on.

Your soul is sensing into the environment.

You float outside to the garden.

In the distance orbs appear in the sky.

Joy washes over you.

Instinctively you recognize the approach of Earth Spirit Guardians.

The Earth Spirit Guardians greet you and gift a blessing of healing.

Your heart portal opens and returns the blessing.

You the Guardians for the meaning behind the 11.11 (for personal growth)

They reply telepathically…..

Listen to your heart.

What images now appear in your consciousness?

What impressions and thoughts travel through your mind?

What sensations are you experiencing?

Listen for the message.

Give yourself a few minutes to communicate.

When the communication slows, thank the Guardians.

Float back to your body resting on the chair.

Return to a deep sleep.

When you awake it is morning.

You have full memory of the previous nights visit.

Journey back down the mountain.

Make plans to incorporate the messages into your life.

The portal to the trail closes, ready to open the next time you return.

Peace and Love – FM

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