Core Star Energy

A few weeks ago, I received a message about connecting to the Core Star energy. The image of our beautiful blue Earth, spinning in space, radiating a silver-blue energy from a star at its core drifted into my consciousness.

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The message was to place a star of my own about 30 centimeters below my feet. And then link my personal star to the Core Star energy inside the Earth. Connecting my life-force to the energy of the planet.

The personal star below my feet, connecting to the Core Star inside the Earth, created a feeling of supportive warmth and protection. My Heart Energy increased, and I found equilibrium in my life-force.

Once my energy was restored, I felt refreshed and renewed.

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A few days later, I again connected to the Core Star energy. As the Core Star connected to my personal star below my feet, the energy traveled up my spine releasing out my crown portal (top of my head). The Core Star Energy flowed through my body, healing and restoring to the highest possible equilibrium.

I was connected to the innate knowledge of the Universe.

Reminded by the innate that we are all connected through love.

Our beings are eternal, beyond space and time.

My dreams became more vivid and a connection to the universal knowledge, ignited in my thoughts. I understood the act of returning home to a place of healthy thoughts and feelings.

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I was connected to the Core Star energy through imagery that personalized my existence as an incarnate being. I was reminded of the important process of being connected to my original self.

Peace & Love


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