Exercise Freedom

Take a breath

Let clean air fill your lungs

Feel your body revitalise

Imagine a place of freedom, no restrictions, no agenda

As you do this exercise remember you are a Sovereign Soul  

Write on a piece of paper the name of the person, organisation, event or object that is sending feelings of fear or disharmony towards your soul.

Fold the paper into quarters.  (Fold it over once and then once more, so that you can no longer see what you have written)

Already you have removed some of the energy attachment.

Draw a circle on the folded paper and imagine a circle of light being draw around yourself.

As you create an image of being surrounded by a circle of light repeat the following:

“Energy within and Energy without

I am separated from the flow of negative energy

My soul is awake, while others sleep

And in this state, no manufactured attachments can exist in my reality

The words on this paper no longer have power.”

 Dispose of the paper it as you feel appropriate. (recycle bin, bury in the ground, …)


Give yourself time for the energy to retreat and feel the freedom of not being attached.

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