Soul Truth

Our Soul commutates with the waking consciousness through messages, signs and symbols.

 The intuitive nature of our  incarnation provides a channel of communication that can be accessed through  vision quests, third eye imagery and intuitive development.

Soul Truth – Intuitive Development Exercise

To peer into the nature of a person or object and test if you need to engage with that energy.

Step One: Form an image of the object or person in your mind’s eye. Take time to form details of the person’s face or the shape and form of the object.

Step Two: Hold the image as still as possible in your vision.

Step Three: Either to yourself or out loud repeat the word Truth three times.  “Truth, Truth, Truth” Keep your focus on the image of the object or person.

If the image fades or changes its form, it is most likely you have no need for that energy today.

If the image remains clear and strong in your mind’s eye, then the person or object is worth investigation.

Your energy needs change on a daily basis.

 If you are waiting for divine timing to engage with a person, this simple exercise could bring clarity.

If you are considering a purchase, you could test the importance of the objects’ energy in your life by holding it in the Vision of Truth.

There are many uses when the testing of “Truth” can be useful in daily life.

FM 2020

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