Change the future

A door leading into the side of a hill appears on the horizon. It is a secret entry to a room of crystals and enchantment.

Approach the door and knock 3 times.

As the door opens, you are greeted by The Guardian of Time.

They inquire as to the purpose of your visit and you reply, asking to send a positive energy pulse into the future.

The Time Guardian acknowledges your request and smiles at your desire to change the timeline. You know that past actions can influence the future.

Enter the room and walk towards the Time Crystal. As you place your hand on the crystal, the room begins to fill with beautiful sound and color.

A flash of light transports you to a future time where you are surrounded by love and peace.

Observing yourself, as if watching a play, you see the stage on which your life is set and how past actions influence the outcome.

A shift in your understanding moves within your consciousness.

You are the creator of your reality. You have the understanding to influence your future life.

A bolt of blue light energy fills the room and full awake consciousness is ignited in your soul.

You are a Sovereign Soul, an eternal being of the Universe.

Surrounded by healing light, you feel your body reset to its best and highest self.

Old stresses and attachments are transformed into light energy.

Let the warm waves of energy heal and refresh your body and soul.

Breathe Deeply…….

Returning to the energy of the Time Crystal, you become aware of the Guardian standing at your side.

Receive a message from the Guardian, and thank them for their time.

With gratitude for the journey, walk out into the brilliant sunshine.

Feel the warmth on your body as you complete your journey today.

Sit for a few minutes to adjust to your surroundings.

Peace & Love FM

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