The Marketplace

Vision you are standing under a large protective tree.

It is a warm spring day and you are dressed in light cotton clothing.

A cup of healing water appears in your hand, and as you drink deeply, an ancient marketplace unfolds around you.

It is a market of herbalists, blacksmiths, potters, bakers, jewellers and tailors.   

There is a feeling of middle ages artisan and music from minstrels fills the air.

The Market Guide approaches, and you ask to be directed to the stalls that are appropriate for your current soul journey.

There is a tailor that creates protection cloaks.

A herbalist for healing potions.

A mapmaker to give directions.

A crystal stall for insight.

And many other magical offerings

Take the time to collect all the items you need, ensuring you listen to any directions or instructions.

As you walk through the market with your new gifts, your soul strengthens being surrounded with spiritual support.

You are in a sacred site of transformation.

Whenever there is a need for spiritual support you can return here.

Take your items and walk to the tree.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and return to current time and space.

Give yourself a few minutes to feel gratitude for the soul gifts you received today.

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