Voices of the Forest

Vision a path that leads deep into an emerald green forest.

Walk slowly as you take in the earthy aromas.

The floor of the forest is soft beneath your feet.

Breathe a gentle rhythm of cleansing breaths.

This is a sacred space of healing and regeneration.

You are protected and safe under the canopy of the forest.

Walking along the path, your body becomes as light as air.

The mind is quiet, the only thoughts are perceptions of the surrounding environment.

You exist beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Free of the past.

An eternal being of pure light energy.

Breathe the energy through your body.

Give yourself time to regenerate and heal.

In this is a place of love and peace.

A sacred healing portal you can create at any time.

Breathe a gentle rhythm, returning when ready.

Peace FM.


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