Woodland – Time Shift Music

Walking in the Cosmic between Time & Space

Woodland is a sound sculpture of vibrational waves that create an event (portal) on the consciousness horizon.

Listen to the Woodland to open portals in the extended consciousness and experience the Universal Particle. The link below opens the 3048.org Soundation Site. All soundtracks are free to listen and download.

Link to Soundation https://soundation.com/user/3048futureman/track/woodland

The music is designed to loop through time and space to ignite vision quests.

Woodland is best encountered while in a quiet space, where you can close your eyes and open to the indigo and violet chakras.

Woodland is an ignition of the Universal Particle outside of time and space. You may journey to a past or future life, encounter a spirit guide or bring clarity to a current life path.

Woodland Meditation

Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit.

Relax each part of the body, starting from the feet, moving up the thighs, relaxing the breathing and lowering the shoulders. Let any tension flow from the body and vision a beautiful light surrounding your aura.

Connect your soul to the Earth Star Chakra and commence listening to Woodland.

Once the music has finished, give yourself time to adjust to any soul shift that may have taken place.

Repeat the process over a few days to consolidate the soul journey.

FM 2020

The Experiment

The Experiment is a collection of soundtracks that expand the consciousness to ignite the Universal Particle. The full collection can be found at: https://soundation.com/user/3048futureman

All soundtracks are free to listen and download.

An explanation of The Experiment and a table of current tracks can be found at: https://3048.org/music-journey/

To make contact email fm3048@yahoo.com

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