Mystery Bay Music Journey

In a small cove off the East Cost is an inlet of ocean seldom visited but much loved by off-track travelers, who encounter its pristine waters.

Mystery Bay is an oasis for Aquarian Energy Beings, who drift on the tides, creating a healing energy portal for 5th dimension beings.

Float in the warm healing water as you listen to the Mystery Bay Music on Soundation. Follow the link below.

Go to Soundation to listen and download for free:

If you visit the Bay be sure to make time to meditate in the beautiful energy. Sitting amongst the rocks, listening to the waves.

This is a journey of healing and re-balancing. You may encounter beings of light that are connected to the Oceans of our Earth and the Stars Beyond.

It is a meeting of the land the water, speaking of ancient times and the future we must preserve for generations to come. Balancing and cleansing of the body and releasing the mind from 3D constrains that links the soul into the realms of Universal Energy.

It is the spark of ignition!

FM Dec 2020

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