Star Beings of Light Mediation

Photo by stein egil liland on

Take a journey across the stars, travelling freely through space and time as a light being. In another dimension beings of light dwell in all corners of the universe. You are an ascended soul, no longer restricted to the Earth, the knowledge of existence at your fingertips.

Pause and breathe to begin your journey.

Vision leaving the Earth and travelling past the Sun, beyond our planetary system.

Beings of pure energy move in and out of space-time portals, traveling the star systems.

Enter a space-time portal, the destination, a distant galaxy

Pause and breathe, you transport millions of light years from Earth

Encountering a twin star planet, teaming with lush vegetation and abundant water

The planet nurtures the star seeds of health and regeneration

You arrive at a group healing pool, lined with amethyst and quartz

Light energy radiates through the crystals

Enter the pool, floating in the healing light, transforming your consciousness

Higher dimensions open, connecting with light beings across the galaxy

Understanding the interplay of existence beyond boundaries,

Pause and breathe in the new awareness

The group of light beings move out of the pool

And you join them at the return space-time portal

Returning to Earth take time to remember your journey

Pause and breathe

A deep understanding of life and its continuance pervades

You are a light being of the stars, and exist beyond the physical form

Pause and breathe in your new awareness

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