Meditation for the New Year

Place your hands on your solar plexus. 

Spreading your fingers out to touch your ribs at the top and as much of your midriff as possible. 

Breathe deeply

Vision a golden path ahead.

Look down and let your feet become golden

Feel the energy of the path rise through your body

In the distance you see many golden paths, intermingled and connecting with love Stand still in the love of the divine. 

Breathe deeply

Let the golden energy connect into your aura.

Breathe into your heart 

Slow and rhythmic breaths

Connecting as one with divine energy

Release and empower

Ahead are all your visions for 2023

Watch as the images pass through the field of vision

Remember anything significant

You now have golden slippers, to place on your feet as needed. 

Let your body heal from the past and walk gently on mother earth.

FM 2023

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