Vision Quest Day Four

Remove the diamond from your pocket

Holding it in your open hand

Gently exhale

As your breath encounters the diamond,

It ignites, radiating energy

Merging your energy with the brilliant light of the diamond

Shimmering energy particles release from the diamond

Flowing outwards

Returning you to a space of peace and tranquility

Floating in brilliant light energy

This is your creation

A portal beyond time and space

Manifested by your soul energy

You have the creative capacity to enter this space at any time

It is the portal of communication with your soul

A place where thoughts images and ideas exchange

 Wishes speak, in the stillness

Today there is no effort

Just the pure bliss of being

Connected to the flow of universal love

Breathe in the joy and be in the space as long as needed.

When complete , place the diamond back in your pocket.


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