Vision Quest Day Five

Vision a path through the forest

Winding through tall trees

Wearing sturdy walking shoes,

And the diamond tucked securely into your back pocket

A journey awaits.

Now accustomed to the portal that leads to the field of light

You transform energy into structure and form

Today, your connection to the field

Is walking in a forest.

The forest is a creation of the energy

Projected by the diamond in your pocket

Walking along the path

Become aware of the diamond’s energy

Take the diamond out of your pocket

As it leads you like a beacon through the forest

Ahead there is a clearing

Walking towards it

Beings of light appear around a central stone

You connect with the beings

And place the diamond on the stone

A kaleidoscope of images and colors fill the air

The stone is a communication portal

The images are messages signaling your personal path

Breathe and observe

Holding in your heart any messages

That resonate with on a soul level

Connect with the energy of the forest

Knowing you can return to this space at any time

As the images fade

Place the diamond back into your pocket

Retuning to the forest path

As your journey reconnects with the present time

Relax and breathe

Remembering the portal to the field you have just encountered.

FM 2023

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