Vision Quest Day Seven – Conclusion

Sitting at the beach

Overlooking the ocean

Place the diamond beside you

As constant travelling companions

You share an unspoken understanding

And feel completely comfortable together

In your soul, recognize the journey taken over the previous 6 days

The accumulation of wisdom and the connection with the conscious flow of energy

This is a place to share any questions or thoughts

Looking out towards the horizon

You engage with the stream of universal consciousness

Stars appear in the sky

The energy of your thoughts exchanges with the conscious flow

You are in communication with the spark of all life

Sit and enjoy your connection

Accept the vibrational energy of the stars

Listen to any messages

Vision for any images

Only you have this individual key to the portal

A portal to the field of light

Each key is unique

As unique as each being on earth

You key may remain in the image of the diamond beside you

Or it may change into an unique and personal symbol

It is safe

It is sacred

And it is yours to access at any time

Smile, you have completed a soul task

That enables you to connect with the flow of universal energy and wisdom

Use this gift as needed

And be in peace

FM 2023

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