Healing Portal Meditation

Spending between 5 to 20 minutes daily focusing on the inner life, can assist in the creation of a healing energy portal.  The portal is a space where the body can move into a healing cycle by slowing the interaction with the outside world.  

Giving your consciousness a time to rest and a space for body regeneration can be beneficial to overall wellbeing. And enables some of your daily activity energy to be stored or banked for future body regeneration.  

Regular creation of the portal introduces a new energy cycle for the body.  The new energy cycle can assist in stress reduction, so the body can work towards a healing balance.

It is important to create a space where you will not be disturbed for this activity. If you are Earth Grounding combine the portal creation while connected to the Earth energy (placing your bare feet on the Earth). 

Earth Grounding is also called Earthing and suggests that becoming “ground” or electrically connected to the earth can have appositive effect on your body.

Healing Portal Meditation Video

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