Circle of Healing

Healing Beings of Light Meditation

Sit quietly and slow your breathing

Vision a large shade tree

Sit comfortably against its trunk

Listen to the leaves rustle in the wind, as they gently fall to the ground

The sun is shining and it’s pleasantly warm

You are comfortable and content

Paulse and breathe deeply

A crystal appears in your vision

Its colour changes from blue, to silver, then gold

And you are surrounded by a beautiful golden light

You r body is floating, free of all physical concerns

Breathe in the golden light

You notice Spirit Beings of pure energy passing by you, floating in all directions

The beings interact with each other, sharing streams of crystal light energy

One being pauses in front of you and asks permission to share healing energy

You agree, and a wave of golden light radiates through your entire body

Pause and breathe as the energy integrates with you, healing and regenerating all the cells in your body

Thank the light being as they retreat

Begin to drift back towards the tree, refreshed and renewed

Breathe deeply

Take a few moments to return to the present time


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