Earth Star

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Earth Star Meditation

Vision our blue Earth, spinning in space, radiating a beautiful silver energy from a star at its core.

Feel the silver energy radiating from the centre of the Earth.

Connect to the Earth Star Energy as it flows up your body, clearing and cleansing the Heart Chakra.

Let the energy travel through your body, restoring and balancing.

Connect to the innate wisdom of the Universe as time slows,

And the sacred space expands in all dimensions.

The language of the innate wisdom is love.

Open your Heart Chakra to experience the energy of love.

All life is connected through the energy of love.

Our spiritual being is eternal, beyond space and time.

This is our original home, the infinite spirit.

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Star of Love – Spiritual Cleansing

Vision a single distant star

Bright, silver, radiating pure energy

Hold the image, connecting to its resonance

Pause and breathe

Reach out towards the star

Feeing its warm energy connect

This is the Eternal Source

Life forces renewed

Spirit energized

Pause and breathe in light energy

Energy not resonating with your soul becomes transmuted,

Returning to its original source

Connect to the Eternal Light

An infinite being

A being of peace and love

Pause and breathe in peace

Nurture an image of your star, tucked away in memory

Link to it each day for strength and guidance

You are a being of the cosmos

Pause and breathe in love


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