Grandmother Key

Grandmother Key for Soul Healing

The Grandmother Key is an energy of deep healing, on a soul level.

It is the warmth of a soft blanket wrapped around your shoulders, creating a space for the soul to rest.

# retreat from difficult environments

# respite for the soul

# sanctuary and entrance to the realms of healing

# feelings of peace and calm

# time to re-balance

To activate the Grandmother Key

Spend a few minutes meditating with the Key, repeating the Grandmother Key Invocation.

Draw it on paper and keep it with you.

Draw it on your body with hand lotion.

Make a more permanent reproduction of the Key in clay or wood and carry it with you.

Grandmother Key Invocation 

I call to the Universe to surround me with the sanctuary of peace.

My heart warms with the vibration of love

Grandmother Key, bring to my soul, a pause in my life to rest and rejuvenate

Ignite my intuition and open a pathway to new healing horizons

(Sit quietly and give yourself time for the energy of the Grandmother Key to meet your soul)

Vision Quest

To engage more deeply with the Grandmother Key, follow the Vision Quest and complete the diagnosis.

As you engage in the vision quest take special note of the river, landscape, sky and blanket color. Use the diagnosis indicator at the end of the task to add more depth to your understanding of the journey.

Vision Quest

Close your eyes and focus on slowing your breathing.

Let your body relax as your mind releases the thoughts of the day.

Take a deep cleansing breath.

A wave of peaceful energy washes over you, cleansing and refreshing.

Repeat the process two more times. Breathe and let the peaceful wave wash over you

Clear a space in your mind for visualization.

Imagine you are sitting on the bank of a slow-moving river.

Feel the breeze gently waft past and the warm sun on your back.

Smell the spring air.

Take note of your surroundings, the color of the river, the hue of the sky and the landscape surrounding you.

In front of you is a blanket. It has the Grandmother Key woven into its design.

Take note of the color of the blanket.

Pick up the blanket and wrap it around your shoulders.

Feel the softness and warmth.You are safe and protected.

Give permission for the energy of the blanket to connect with your life force, bringing healing and peace.

Pause and breathe deeply

Take note of any images or messages you receive as the blanket is wrapped around you.

Rest and let the gentle energy wash over your body.

Cleansing with love and peace.

Breathe deeply as you begin to resonate in harmony

You are a spirit of beauty.

A soul of the Earth.

All is still in this loving space.

Breathe Deeply

As Visions dance across your consciousness,

Listen to the innate wisdom of the soul.

Give yourself time to enter into serenity and peace.

Take note of the colors of your vision and the feelings radiating from your soul.

Remember you are a Sovereign Being.

When you have completed receiving the visions and messages, gently remove the blanket from your shoulders and place it back on the Earth.

Remember you can return to this space at any time and wrap the Grandmother Key blanket around your shoulders

Breathe deeply

Sit quietly so you can store the memory of this journey.

When ready return to the present time and open your eyes.

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Images and feelings can rise from the soul into the consciousness during a Vision Quest.

Colors can convey special meanings, bringing more depth to the experience.

Specific symbols during the Vision Quest can be interpreted. The interpretation is a personal process. Below are some suggested ideas.

River – The river represents your clarity of emotion. The clearer the water the less emotional you feel.

Sky – The sky represents clarity of thought. A blue sky with few clouds suggests a calm mind.

Landscape – The landscape is a symbol of the” busyness” of life. If you can clearly see into the distance, you are able to set and achieve future goals.

Blanket Color – The color of the blanket is a personal message from your soul, indicating the healing color or colors you require at the moment.

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