What are Keys?

Keys are symbols that carry an unique energy. Every line, curve and space of the Key attracts energy.

Keys draw universal energy into alignment.

Keys are symbols that vibrate an energy purpose. Energy is attracted to the object or person wearing the Key. Logos, corporate symbols, uniforms, identity symbols, labels and emblems are all examples of Keys.

As part of the soul awakening, it is possible to create your own Key or activate a specially designed Key.

If you engage with the Key through meditation or drawing, the unique energy radiates towards your being.

Keys can be used for healing, support, love, vision quests, spirit connection, cleansing, protection and other spiritual endeavors.

To activate a Key

# Spend a few minutes meditating with the Key, breathing deeply and letting your mind clear.

# Draw it on paper and keep it with you.

# Draw it on your body with hand lotion.

# Make a more permanent reproduction of the Key in clay or wood and carry it with you.

Whatever way you choose to engage with the energy of the Key, be guided by your innate wisdom.

Why search for a Key?

A Key symbolizes your quest to shift or engage in a new energy.

Keys can act as doorways into possible new opportunities.

 Keys can highlight important aspects of your soul path.

Keys remind you that your path is created by thoughts and feelings.

For whatever reason you are drawn towards a Key, it is important to recognize your personal responsibility for the path taken.

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Links to activated Keys

Grandmother Key – healing and support

Protection Key – strength and clarity (coming shortly)

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