Today I was feeling pressured by my environment. People and organizations have a way of placing exceptions on you.

The Light House is one technique I use to stop the mind circuit. (mind churning)

Using bubbles of light and telling my thoughts to calm do not always work. The minute I shift focus, the mind churning returns.

Mind churning is a good description of thoughts running round and round in your head. It’s almost as if the thoughts have a life of their own. And bring a feeling of fatigue and sadness.

Expectations of others, organizations who have replaced a humanist view with greed, energy vampires, governments who make laws to control citizens, all create an energy of mind churning.

Is this real? Or is mind churning just imagination?

Lighthouse Tool

Take a few minutes to retreat into your mind-space.

Vision you are walking along a grassed path towards a lighthouse.

It is a warm spring day.

There is a smell of salt in the air and you can hear sea birds in the distance.

You see a blue door at the base of a lighthouse.

The door is open, and there is a sign, “welcome”.

Inside the lighthouse are steps ascending towards the lantern-room.

You climb the steps to the first landing.

Your body feels light, the air is easy to breathe.

You glide effortlessly towards the second landing.

No other soul is in the lighthouse.

You are stepping back to a time,

when sailing ships ruled the waves.

You are refreshed and healed.

At the third landing you transform into a being of light.

Your  memories of being a sovereign soul ignite.

Your heart portal opens to receive a healing blue light .

And you float up the steps towards the fourth landing.

Breathe deeply and pause at the next landing.

You have entered another space and time.

Freedom surrounds your aura.

Soul and spirit are realigned with the light body.

Remembering the true expression of self.

The final steps lead to the lantern-room.

As a being of light, you ascend to the heart of the lighthouse.

You can see far out to sea.

The ocean is crystal calm.

There is not another soul in sight.

Yet you are not alone, you are surrounded by love.

I am a sovereign soul of this Earth.

My purpose is to be in the moment.

All other concerns, no longer impact my consciousness.

I am surrounded by light and love.

Peace energizes my soul.

I Remember This.

You can call sovereign energy towards yourself at anytime.

None of your concerns can travel the stairs of the lighthouse.

You are completely protected in your own domain.

When it is time to return.

Slowly descend the stairs of the lighthouse.

At with the fourth landing take a deep clearing breath.

On the third landing immerse yourself in shimmering silver light.

The second landing is filled with peace &love.

Strength is gifted to you on the first landing.

Finally you walk out into the sunshine.

Your soul is warmed with gratitude and joy.

Return to your physical body feeling refreshed and renewed.

Walk back along the lighthouse path, each step infused with peaceful strength.

You are a sovereign soul of Earth. Continue your travels with a Blessed Heart.

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