Music Journey

The Experiment.

The Experiment of the Music Journey is akin to describing a vision in light language.
Once the vision is obtained, you can apply an understanding to contextualize your current existence.
Actions can be based on a vision, akin to when we initiate the courage to raise ourselves out of an old energy pattern.

We become beings that are past the passive observation,  or always looking for signs. Into creating signs for ourselves.  We become linked to the unique creative force of the Universe.

The artistic force of energy.  The consciousness seed of energy.

We are tapping into the Universal particle (for want of a better name).

Experience During the Music
Words can be lost at some point, the body not processing language,  as either its beyond processing, or the experience is too rich for the physical to completely contain. An energy in the universe that is freely accessible is permitted to connect with the body / soul and re-balance through the dimensions.
And by tapping into that energy, it can be directed in many different ways.
You just need the awareness to take the leap.

Going deeply into the music is one way of switching on the Universal Particle. 

Eventually, I think it is possible to just be the process. The music is just one of the ignitors in the Universe.
And all you need to do is step into the current time / space. Leave the analysis to post the experience.
Every observation is a past moment,  and the minute the observation is labeled you have missed the next step.
You only have the shortest amount of breath to take the step before you slip back into the passive observation mode. Like the difference between emotions and feelings.

To be in the process, sometimes I like to move my body and actually step into the energy.  I’m sure with experience body movements could be less. But for the sake of the experience,  its easier to listen to a designated music, move the body in some form and push the mind / consciousness past the passive observation frame. The movement giving the mind an activity that is in the now. Its the unconscious soul mind responding in the conscious time. You are pushing past looking for the known into the unknown.  Where chaos becomes clarity.

Sharing the Music of 3048 Futureman
When you share the music and become the holder of the space, you only need to be aware of the Universal Particle, for it to be shared to others. 

This can happen even when putting together a playlist and sending it to someone you have never met. Just holding the space, I suspect is enough to share the awareness.

Time / Space Continuum
In short you are creating a rift in the perceived time / space continuum,  that manifests in trails of codes, markers and signs, that the human brain correlations as an out of world or spiritual experience.  Basically the perception of the vapor trail of where the event occurred. 

The sympathetic nervous system is overridden by the horizon event and responds through movement,  thus the pre language primal systems engage and language reverts to pre cognition. 

The body observer correlates a reversal of developmental and a evolutionary shift at the same time. The deep dualistic experience causing a cascading consciousness expansion, placing people at different stages on the continuum. 

Thus, resulting in different experiences each time The Experiment is encountered.

The Music

Title LinkPurpose
Woodland first journey for the soul. Initiate your pathway into the 5th Dimension and beyond. Encounter the Universal Particle and find the context for your next spiritual encounter.
To M the old energy patterns form your body and soul. Find new vision quests to light your path. This is the music of cosmic foreseeing and magical mystery.
Sol 3048 to the energy of Aquarius. Cleanse and re-balance the rhythms of the body and soul. Regulate the heart and breathing in rhythm of the cycles of the Earth.
dreaming land to the past to walk with the ancients. Reconnect with the original DNA.
Pedro the mind is still the soul can shine.
dance afterparty a journey through past pain to release and re-write your body energy signature.
To Octavio is life. Be held in the Universal Energy of Love.
healing Journey.
extension all Cosmic Children. We are all children of the Universe. Embrace the wonder and freedom of a new experience on the cosmic path.
cosmic doors the experience traveler who carries the Universal Particle.
door 1c 3048 doors to the cosmos. Midnight Chillout.
door 1b 3048 in the Cosmic between Time & Space.
door 1a 3048 the Universal Cosmic Soul.
soul returning finish the journey and become reconnected to the 3 spaces of time. To walk into your won time and space. Creating a distance from the pressures of work and life.

The Experiment

“The Experiment” begins by listening to soundtracks in order to create a journey of the soul to discover the Universal Particle. “Visons” while listening to the music can be recorded and shared with others in the process.

Each journey is unique and every being who undertakes The Experiment enters the realm of personal responsibility for their own progress.

Find an Experiment Buddy and begin listening to one of the soundscapes. Woodland is a good starting point. Share your experiences after listening a few times. Then as an exploring team, set a playlist to Vision Quest with and feedback to contextualize the journey.

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