Inner Energy

I draw a circle of energy around me.

Time and Space cascade into one,

And then expands to infinity.

This is a sacred event,

Forming around my consciousness.

In the vortex of energy, I am completely still.

All motion is slowed until,

The interconnection of life is revealed.

Awareness streams from all dimensions.

I am connected to the continuum of consciousness.

Wisdom is imbedded into my soul,

In the Space of no Time.


FM Peace & Love.


Voices of the Forest

Vision a path that leads deep into an emerald green forest.

Walk slowly as you take in the earthy aromas.

The floor of the forest is soft beneath your feet.

Breathe a gentle rhythm of cleansing breaths.

This is a sacred space of healing and regeneration.

You are protected and safe under the canopy of the forest.

Walking along the path, your body becomes as light as air.

The mind is quiet, the only thoughts are perceptions of the surrounding environment.

You exist beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Free of the past.

An eternal being of pure light energy.

Breathe the energy through your body.

Give yourself time to regenerate and heal.

In this is a place of love and peace.

A sacred healing portal you can create at any time.

Breathe a gentle rhythm, returning when ready.

Peace FM.


Earth Star Energy

Vision our blue Earth, spinning in space, radiating a beautiful silver energy from a star at its core.

Feel the silver energy radiating from the centre of the Earth.

Connect to the Earth Star Energy as it flows up your body, clearing and cleansing the Heart Chakra.

Let the energy travel through your body, restoring and balancing.

Connect to the innate wisdom of the Universe as time slows,

And sacred space expands in all dimensions.

The language of innate wisdom is love.

Open your Heart Chakra to experience the energy of love.

All life is connected through the energy of love.

Our spiritual being is eternal, beyond space and time.

This is our original home, the infinite spirit.

FM 2020


Today I met the forest.

Gazing at the ferns dipping their leaves in the stream.

Immersed in the soul of the forest floor.

There I become the being who can do anything.

Freedom in Peace.


The Cloak

Vision a cloak of deep blue velvet,

draping to the ground in gentle folds.

The hood falls over your temples, filtering the light.

Gold clasps secure the cloak.

When wearing this cloak, protective energy surrounds you.

You are balanced and strong.

Take slow deep breaths and deliberate steps.

The cloak strengthens your soul,

and the energy of peace now lights your path.



I create my light every day.

I give energy to the flame of my soul.

My thoughts are an expression of my Spirit.

I am aware of the positive nature of my thoughts.

My actions communicate the inner reality of my existence.

How I live creates the world around me.

My soul is grateful for this incarnation.

I am a Sovereign Soul.

Circle of energy

Bring your hands together to make a circuit of healing energy.

Imagine a beautiful rainbow of colours flowing around you.

Your body is light, and your soul is free.

Sit quietly in your own space.

The aura is a cascade of rainbow colors.

Give yourself permission to heal.

All is quiet.

All is at rest.

All is blessed.

Emerald Healing

Sit quietly for a few moments.

Let the distractions of the day slip away.

Vision yourself sitting by a crystal-clear stream, deep in a forest.

Breathe in the clean healing air.

Emerald green energy dances and swirls through the forest.

Cleansing your aura and your body, radiating warmth and healing.  

Brilliant blue stars shower the night sky, falling gently to the ground.

You are a Sovereign Soul, connected to the life energy of the Earth.


The Marketplace

Vision you are standing under a large protective tree.

It is a warm spring day and you are dressed in light cotton clothing.

A cup of healing water appears in your hand, and as you drink deeply, an ancient marketplace unfolds around you.

It is a market of herbalists, blacksmiths, potters, bakers, jewellers and tailors.   

There is a feeling of middle ages artisan and music from minstrels fills the air.

The Market Guide approaches, and you ask to be directed to the stalls that are appropriate for your current soul journey.

There is a tailor that creates protection cloaks.

A herbalist for healing potions.

A mapmaker to give directions.

A crystal stall for insight.

And many other magical offerings

Take the time to collect all the items you need, ensuring you listen to any directions or instructions.

As you walk through the market with your new gifts, your soul strengthens being surrounded with spiritual support.

You are in a sacred site of transformation.

Whenever there is a need for spiritual support you can return here.

Take your items and walk to the tree.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and return to current time and space.

Give yourself a few minutes to feel gratitude for the soul gifts you received today.

River Vision Quest

Vision a landscape that leads down to a river.

Walk slowly towards the river, observing the color of the sky and the season.

With deep cleansing breaths take in the vista.

Connect to your inner core, feeling the energy of the Earth Star below your feet.

Find a comfortable place to sit on the bank.

You are at a sacred site of regeneration.

Be still and listen to the messages from your soul.

Spanning the river is a bridge.

The manifestation of the bridge forms part of your soul message today.

If the bridge needs repair, it is time to seek more spiritual guidance.

Ask your Guardians and Spirit Guides to renew the structure,

transforming any areas that require rejuvenation.

Repose and appreciate the spiritual change that is occurring before you.

Once the bridge is repaired, engage in the vision for a few moments.

Embed the new energies into your consciousness.

Stand and walk back up the bank to the surrounding landscape.

A golden light transports your consciousness to the present.

Enjoy a few moments as you integrate the experience.

Symbol Diagnostic

The flowing suggested interpretations are for the symbols in the River Vision Quest.

Summer Season – It is a time of high activity, stay on the path. Engage in all that life presents. Let doubts dissolve as you connect to your innate wisdom.

Spring – Your soul is opening and preparing for change. Look for doors and opportunities that challenge you. Seek events outside of the normal and be open to new concepts.

Autumn – It is time for reflection and to count your blessings. It is a time of gratitude. Put your books back on the library shelf and reflect on all your learnings.

Winter – Look for new paths and opportunities that are of a long-term nature. Time to plant seeds for the future. Go slowly when undertaking new ventures, as you have time on your side.

The Color of the Sky – The clearer the sky, the deeper the connection you have to soul symbols. The sky is a communication symbol that can change daily. Use this meditation to evaluate the clarity of your intuitive messages.