Emerald Healing

Sit quietly for a few moments.

Let the distractions of the day slip away.

Vision yourself sitting by a crystal-clear stream, deep in a forest.

Breathe in the clean healing air.

Emerald green energy dances and swirls through the forest.

Cleansing your aura and your body, radiating warmth and healing.  

Brilliant blue stars shower the night sky, falling gently to the ground.

You are a Sovereign Soul, connected to the life energy of the Earth.


The Marketplace

Vision you are standing under a large protective tree.

It is a warm spring day and you are dressed in light cotton clothing.

A cup of healing water appears in your hand, and as you drink deeply, an ancient marketplace unfolds around you.

It is a market of herbalists, blacksmiths, potters, bakers, jewellers and tailors.   

There is a feeling of middle ages artisan and music from minstrels fills the air.

The Market Guide approaches, and you ask to be directed to the stalls that are appropriate for your current soul journey.

There is a tailor that creates protection cloaks.

A herbalist for healing potions.

A mapmaker to give directions.

A crystal stall for insight.

And many other magical offerings

Take the time to collect all the items you need, ensuring you listen to any directions or instructions.

As you walk through the market with your new gifts, your soul strengthens being surrounded with spiritual support.

You are in a sacred site of transformation.

Whenever there is a need for spiritual support you can return here.

Take your items and walk to the tree.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and return to current time and space.

Give yourself a few minutes to feel gratitude for the soul gifts you received today.

River Vision Quest

Vision a landscape that leads down to a river.

Walk slowly towards the river, observing the color of the sky and the season.

With deep cleansing breaths take in the vista.

Connect to your inner core, feeling the energy of the Earth Star below your feet.

Find a comfortable place to sit on the bank.

You are at a sacred site of regeneration.

Be still and listen to the messages from your soul.

Spanning the river is a bridge.

The manifestation of the bridge forms part of your soul message today.

If the bridge needs repair, it is time to seek more spiritual guidance.

Ask your Guardians and Spirit Guides to renew the structure,

transforming any areas that require rejuvenation.

Repose and appreciate the spiritual change that is occurring before you.

Once the bridge is repaired, engage in the vision for a few moments.

Embed the new energies into your consciousness.

Stand and walk back up the bank to the surrounding landscape.

A golden light transports your consciousness to the present.

Enjoy a few moments as you integrate the experience.

Symbol Diagnostic

The flowing suggested interpretations are for the symbols in the River Vision Quest.

Summer Season – It is a time of high activity, stay on the path. Engage in all that life presents. Let doubts dissolve as you connect to your innate wisdom.

Spring – Your soul is opening and preparing for change. Look for doors and opportunities that challenge you. Seek events outside of the normal and be open to new concepts.

Autumn – It is time for reflection and to count your blessings. It is a time of gratitude. Put your books back on the library shelf and reflect on all your learnings.

Winter – Look for new paths and opportunities that are of a long-term nature. Time to plant seeds for the future. Go slowly when undertaking new ventures, as you have time on your side.

The Color of the Sky – The clearer the sky, the deeper the connection you have to soul symbols. The sky is a communication symbol that can change daily. Use this meditation to evaluate the clarity of your intuitive messages.


Inward looking toward my soul,

I see a place where there is peace.

A place of reflection.

I reflect in my soul the beauty of nature,

the tall trees,

green meadows,

blue oceans,

clear skies.

I am a reflection of the peace created in my soul.

Green Healing

Imagine sitting in the shade of a large tree.

A gentle breeze warms your body and dances with the grasses around you.

Breathe in the fresh clean air.

Your body relaxes, you are grounded and still

A healing green light filters through the leaves

Bathed in this light, your body is healing.

Your life energy is renewed.

You are at peace.


Summer Rain

A warm gentle rain falls from the sky,

Cleansing your body and soul.

The mist refreshes and regenerates the Earth around you.

Brilliant streams of sunshine dance in your vision,

Cleansing your soul,

Refreshing your body,

Renewing your lifeforce.

Change the future

A door leading into the side of a hill appears on the horizon. It is a secret entry to a room of crystals and enchantment.

Approach the door and knock 3 times.

As the door opens, you are greeted by The Guardian of Time.

They inquire as to the purpose of your visit and you reply, asking to send a positive energy pulse into the future.

The Time Guardian acknowledges your request and smiles at your desire to change the timeline. You know that past actions can influence the future.

Enter the room and walk towards the Time Crystal. As you place your hand on the crystal, the room begins to fill with beautiful sound and color.

A flash of light transports you to a future time where you are surrounded by love and peace.

Observing yourself, as if watching a play, you see the stage on which your life is set and how past actions influence the outcome.

A shift in your understanding moves within your consciousness.

You are the creator of your reality. You have the understanding to influence your future life.

A bolt of blue light energy fills the room and full awake consciousness is ignited in your soul.

You are a Sovereign Soul, an eternal being of the Universe.

Surrounded by healing light, you feel your body reset to its best and highest self.

Old stresses and attachments are transformed into light energy.

Let the warm waves of energy heal and refresh your body and soul.

Breathe Deeply…….

Returning to the energy of the Time Crystal, you become aware of the Guardian standing at your side.

Receive a message from the Guardian, and thank them for their time.

With gratitude for the journey, walk out into the brilliant sunshine.

Feel the warmth on your body as you complete your journey today.

Sit for a few minutes to adjust to your surroundings.

Peace & Love FM

The Bridge

Vision a bridge that spans a clear pond.

As you approach the bridge, yellow fin fish and waterlilies appear in the pond.

Step onto the bridge and take a deep cleansing breath.

As you breathe out, your physical body fades and a being of pure light emerges.

Floating on a soft breeze, travel the length of the bridge as a light being.

Your mind and soul are connected to the Universal Energy.

Support and Love surrounds you.

We are all part of the infinite.

When you reach the end of the bridge, pause for a few moments to absorb the beautiful energy.

Float back into your physical body and step off the bridge into the garden.

Wake into the day, aware of your higher connection.

Soul Truth

Our Soul commutates with the waking consciousness through messages, signs and symbols.

 The intuitive nature of our  incarnation provides a channel of communication that can be accessed through  vision quests, third eye imagery and intuitive development.

Soul Truth – Intuitive Development Exercise

To peer into the nature of a person or object and test if you need to engage with that energy.

Step One: Form an image of the object or person in your mind’s eye. Take time to form details of the person’s face or the shape and form of the object.

Step Two: Hold the image as still as possible in your vision.

Step Three: Either to yourself or out loud repeat the word Truth three times.  “Truth, Truth, Truth” Keep your focus on the image of the object or person.

If the image fades or changes its form, it is most likely you have no need for that energy today.

If the image remains clear and strong in your mind’s eye, then the person or object is worth investigation.

Your energy needs change on a daily basis.

 If you are waiting for divine timing to engage with a person, this simple exercise could bring clarity.

If you are considering a purchase, you could test the importance of the objects’ energy in your life by holding it in the Vision of Truth.

There are many uses when the testing of “Truth” can be useful in daily life.

FM 2020

Exercise Freedom

Take a breath

Let clean air fill your lungs

Feel your body revitalise

Imagine a place of freedom, no restrictions, no agenda

As you do this exercise remember you are a Sovereign Soul  

Write on a piece of paper the name of the person, organisation, event or object that is sending feelings of fear or disharmony towards your soul.

Fold the paper into quarters.  (Fold it over once and then once more, so that you can no longer see what you have written)

Already you have removed some of the energy attachment.

Draw a circle on the folded paper and imagine a circle of light being draw around yourself.

As you create an image of being surrounded by a circle of light repeat the following:

“Energy within and Energy without

I am separated from the flow of negative energy

My soul is awake, while others sleep

And in this state, no manufactured attachments can exist in my reality

The words on this paper no longer have power.”

 Dispose of the paper it as you feel appropriate. (recycle bin, bury in the ground, …)


Give yourself time for the energy to retreat and feel the freedom of not being attached.