Change portal

When traveling through a Change Portal life can become somewhat unpredictable.

The normal daily routine can become less fulfilling as the soul searching intensifies.

You intuitively know when your chosen path approaches a portal. There is an energy shift in the atmosphere. You feel anticipation for no particular reason.

Change Portal Signs

  1. Life events are repeated with more frequency. E.g. You keep meeting the same type of person or repeatedly seeing a particular color of car.
  2. You begin to grow away from material based relationships and friends. Seeking your Soul Family becomes important.
  3. Waking in the middle of the night, thinking you have forgotten something, is a common theme. Your soul can become restless.
  4. Messages from the Universe. A feather on your path, seeing 11.11 or other repeated numbers.
  5. Searching for a deeper purpose in life.

Signs of a Change Portal can be intense and confusing.

If you are in transition, there are a few activities that can smooth your path.

  1. Pause for a few minutes every day. Find a meditation site or video and give your soul some space.
  2. Review your progress every week. The change may take several months. Keeping a journal is an easy way to record the shift.
  3. Listen to the messages spirit is sending. Where were you going when you found that feather? What were you doing when you noticed 11.11?

It may feel like an uphill climb. Simply recognizing you are transitioning through a Change Portal, gives you the advantage of applying soul tools.

Soul Tools: Journaling : Meditation : Walking Meditation : Being in the Moment : Quiet Observation: Personal Time for Reflection

Tools to support transition and an understanding beyond the physical dimensions, will bring increased personal growth.

Set your soul on its path with intention and walk out of the maze.

Peace and love