Soul Home Meditation

This is a meditative journey to your Soul Home.

Standing at the head of the trail, you prepare for a journey along the path.

Wearing sturdy shoes, and hiking clothing, pick up your backpack ready for the adventure.

The backpack is important, take note you are carrying it.

There is a blessing at the start of the trail.

Your soul is ready for this journey.

Stop for a few moments to resonate at the place where many people have prayed before.

Pause and breathe deeply

Begin to walk along the trail.

Take note of the path.

Is it smooth? Is it rocky? Dry or muddy?

Remember the image of your path.

Pause and breathe deeply.

As you journey, take note of the vegetation around you.

Can you see open fields? Is there forest or jungle? Can you see over the trees or is the trail surrounded by dense vegetation.

Remember the image of the vegetation.

Pause and breathe deeply.

What is time of the day or night? Can you see well into the distance?

Pause and breathe deeply.

As you continue along the journey, a river appears beside the trail.

Take note of the river.

How steep is the bank? Is it possible to walk down to the water? How fast or slow is the water flowing? Are there stones in the riverbed?

Remember the image of the river.

Pause and breathe deeply.

As you look ahead of you, a house surrounded by a fence manifests. There is a gate that leads to the front garden.

Walk towards the gate and open it.

Enter the garden and walk towards the house.

Is there a porch? What colour is the front door?

Pause and breathe as you take in the vision of the house.

This is the home of the Soul.

If you wish, enter the house.

Step over the threshold and enter the reception room.

You might see chairs, a table, books, windows and a fireplace.

Walk over to the table.

On the table is an ancient book. This is a book of images and words of past lives.

Open the book. Turn over the pages.

Take note of the messages of the book.

Pause and breathe deeply.

Take time to look around the room before you walk back out the front door.

Close the door behind yourself.

Walk towards the gate, and as you leave the front garden close the gate behind you.

Return along the trail, taking time to recall the images and visions you have just encountered.

Once back at the trail head, place your backpack on the ground and reach inside.

Is there a gift for you in the backpack?

This gift is a special item for you.

Pause and Breathe Deeply.

Reflect on your journey to the Home of the Soul.

Your vision journey is complete today. Blessings and Peace.

Below are suggestions for the images and symbols you have encountered during this meditation.

Soul Home Meditation Diagnostic

Most people complete the Soul Home Meditation before reading the diagnostic.

Each symbol and vision along your journey have significant meaning for your soul. The following are suggestions of the symbology you may have encountered.

The Path

A smooth path suggests you are dealing well with the challenges of life.

A rocky path suggests you are working with difficulties and are aware of them.

The Vegetation

Tall vegetation suggests there might be some over thinking of a problem or issue.

Vegetation you can see over suggests you have found good solutions to issues you have faced.

The density of the vegetation indicates how busy your mind is.

The time of Day / Night

Daytime suggests you are very active in the physical world.

Nighttime indicates you have a strong artistic side.

If there is a shift between day and night, your physical body could be indicting you are undergoing healing.

The River

The flow of the river is an indication of how you are processing your feelings.

Rocks in the river are emotions or situations you are currently dealing with.

Water flowing around rocks suggests you are resolving current challenges.

A grassy bank indicates you have a good awareness and healthy connection to your feelings.

The Garden Gate

An easily opening gate indicates you have the skills to face current challenges.

A gate that is difficult to open suggests that you may need to ask for help.

No gate suggests, that if you currently see a problem in your life, take a step back and find another perspective.

A Porch

A porch suggests you have a religious or spiritual connection to life.

The Front Door

The colour of the front door is a significant healing colour of your soul.

The Book

The images or words in the book are messages from your soul, that you need to take note of today. It is a message from the past or future that may give you insight into your current life.

The Backpack

This is a personal and special message for you from your soul.

Blessing and Peace FM

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