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Music – To Octavio

https://soundation.com/user/3048futureman/track/to-octavio My life is a symphony of Love on Soundation. Listen and download for free. https://soundation.com/user/3048futureman/track/to-octavio At times the quickness of life overrides the heart, and its whispers are missed in the background of living. To Octavio ( https://soundation.com/user/3048futureman/track/to-octavio ) brings love back to… Continue Reading “Music – To Octavio”

The Experiment – To M.

This soundtrack is about opening to the Universal Particle outside of time and space. Creating a signpost for the soul to journey into the cosmic consciousness. Take a journey of healing and re-balancing . Follow the link to Soundation Track – To M. https://soundation.com/user/3048futureman/track/to-m… Continue Reading “The Experiment – To M.”

Mystery Bay Music Journey

In a small cove off the East Cost is an inlet of ocean seldom visited but much loved by off-track travelers, who encounter its pristine waters. Mystery Bay is an oasis for Aquarian Energy Beings, who drift on the tides, creating a healing energy… Continue Reading “Mystery Bay Music Journey”