the desk

The Desk is a platform connection to the universal consciousness stream (the field).

The platform enables the launching of alternative states of being.

Beginning with the capacity to imagine a form or structure, the desk builds energy, linking to the universal consciousness stream (the field).

The capacity to project your mind into a space of healing, regeneration, light energy, or change enhance the field connection.

The energy signature created by repeating the desk, can develop over time to become a direct and robust connection.

The desk facilitates the development of a workspace, where you can journal, contemplate and receive spiritual inspiration.

All the images created by the desk have subtle meanings, that can interpret as a higher vibrational message. A diagnostic is provided at the end of the meditation.

The Desk

Sitting quietly, slow your breathing.

Draw towards yourself a cloak of healing energy. The color of deep turquoise light.

Letting the light fall around your shoulders, drape over the body, bringing peace.

A room of warm, rubbed dusk walls, with a garden window manifests.

In the center of the room a desk and chair draw your eye.

Sit at the desk.

Be in the energy of the room and become comfortable at the desk.

Are there drawing and writing implements?

This is your manifestation, your space of inspiration.

Is there a view out the window?

What is the time of day?

Are there any other items in the room?

There might be a message on the desk for you or a gift in one of the draws. Explore the desk.

Spend time becoming aware of the energy of the room.

Pause and breathe.

If there is a calendar on the desk, take note of the date. This date may be significant to you.

Breathe and enjoy the space.

When ready, stand up from the desk, stretch your body.

Experience the energy of the room for the last few moments and return to current time.

Breathe slowly, committing to memory the images of the desk.

FM 2023


  • The style and form of the desk indicates your current state of thinking.
  • The number of drawers in the desk indicates how many tasks you have to complete.
  • The age and style of writing implements can indicate the amount of time you need to sort a task. A computer suggests immediate action, a pen and paper indicate a slower approach.
  • Pictures on the wall suggests there are  past memories or feelings that could heal with further exploration. Maybe going to the desk and reviewing your life.
  • The view from the window indicates the energy of your future path. And will change as you work repeatedly at the desk.
  • The time of day is an indication of your current energy levels. The morning suggesting you have a high energy. However, the evening does not suggest a low energy, rather a more reflective state.
  • The message or gift is a current message from the field.
  • A calendar indicates you have connected with the field.


The desk is a steppingstone for exploration in the field. It is a place from where you can launch a spiritual or soul journey. Or you can carry there a problem or issue to gain more clarity.

It can function as an interphase between a spiritual guide or loved one who has passed.

And provide signposts to further exploration of the metaphysical.

The images begin as imaginations, but as you strengthen the field, the imaginations give way to clairvoyance and messages to the soul. You can determine the strength of your field connection by simply attempting to change the shape or form of the desk. If it changes easily and remains in the new form, there is still work to be done on the filed connection. If the desk continues to revert to the original form, the image of the desk is part of your ability to explore the spiritual world clairvoyantly. The desk is forming part of your archetypical makeup.

Over time the desk may change of its own nature, but by that time you will be well acquainted with the difference between imaginations and connecting to the universal consciousness stream (the field).

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