The Marketplace

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The Marketplace is a portal for accessing items that assist spiritual journeys. Entering the marketplace enables the traveler to be gifted wisdom and knowledge.

Marketplace Meditation

You are standing under a large protective tree

There is a gentle breeze and, it is a warm spring day

In the distance is a wooden building containing a library of ancient knowledge

Approach the library and enter through the large doors

Inside you find rows of books, desks, lamps, and chairs

And several doors leading to a courtyard

Ask the Librarian the directions to the marketplace

Leaving the library, step into an ancient marketplace

There are herbalists, merchants, growers, healers, jewellers, and bakers

A fountain in the centre of the market bubbles, surrounded by seating

Sit and take in the ambiance  

The air blends with herbal fragrance and warm bread

You know this a place of learning, harmony, and community

The intention today is to visit a stall that fulfills your needs on the journey

Walk around the market, looking and sampling all on offer

As you wander, one stall will stand out

Linger at the stall, conversing with the merchant

This is the stall you have travelled to see

The merchant will gift you the required object or message

Take time to observe the gift

It is for you to keep

Thank the merchant, and walk back to the centre of the market

You can visit the market anytime you feel the need

Pause and breathe, taking in the events that have just occurred

Return to the library, observing any changes

Are the books in a different location?

Have the chairs moved?

Changes indicate that a reality shift is already occurring

Pause and breathe, observing the surroundings

In your own time return to the tree, sheltering under its limbs

Reflect on the experience

Commit to memory the gift you have from the market

Pause and breathe, returning to the now.


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