Trance Mediumship

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Trance mediumship

Trance Mediumship is the activity of having a ‘Spiritual Speaker’ talk through a physical body.

Trance Medium permits the Spiritual Speaker to communicate with the physical world by linking energies.

The level of connection is dependent on factors. Deep trance can leave the medium in an altered state and unaware of their physical surroundings.

Inspired writing or speaking is a less intense example of collaborating with a speaker. Inspired activities allow the medium to remain aware of their surroundings but their focus is on relaying the spiritual message.

Speakers are different to guides or guardians as their primary role is communication.

Trance Mediumship Activity

Find a quiet space

If required, invoke the spiritual protection you normally use.

Imagine yourself at the edge of a great lake.

The water is calm and blue.

There is a gentle breeze, and the sun warms your back.

An orb of energy rises from lake, pulsating a beautiful blue colour.

The blue energy cleanses your soul.

Pause and breathe

Ask the spiritual world to provide a Speaker.

A being of light appears by your side.

Gesture for them to sit beside you.

Introduce yourself and ask them to do the same.

Give the speaker permission to move close to you.

You should begin to feel a sensation in your body,

usually on one side of your upper body.

This is forming a connection.

When you are ready, ask the Speaker to communicate with you.

You will start to get words or pictures.

Share the communication by writing it down or speaking aloud

Stay focused on the activity.

Pause and breathe

Eventually the connection will taper off.

When complete, you may want to journal your experience.

And relay these messages to others.

Working in a group is also beneficial.

When the communication is complete, thank the Speaker.

Their energy will draw back and move away.

Return your gaze to the orb in the centre of the lake.

Watch it as it slowly returns to the lake.

Give thanks for the experience.

Pause and breathe.

Return to the present with a feeling of love and blessings.

This is the first step towards Trance Mediumship.

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