Exercise Freedom

Take a breath

Let clean air fill your lungs

Feel your body revitalise

Imagine a place of freedom, no restrictions, no agenda

As you do this exercise remember you are a Sovereign Soul  

Write on a piece of paper the name of the person, organisation, event or object that is sending feelings of fear or disharmony towards your soul.

Fold the paper into quarters.  (Fold it over once and then once more, so that you can no longer see what you have written)

Already you have removed some of the energy attachment.

Draw a circle on the folded paper and imagine a circle of light being draw around yourself.

As you create an image of being surrounded by a circle of light repeat the following:

“Energy within and Energy without

I am separated from the flow of negative energy

My soul is awake, while others sleep

And in this state, no manufactured attachments can exist in my reality

The words on this paper no longer have power.”

 Dispose of the paper it as you feel appropriate. (recycle bin, bury in the ground, …)


Give yourself time for the energy to retreat and feel the freedom of not being attached.

Messages to the Future

Changes both big and small, often encounter the one obstacle, humanity.

How is it we incarnate into this amazing body, ever replicating and regenerating, to get stuck in repetitive loops of thought and action?

Why is it so hard to say goodbye to habits and thoughts that no longer serve your personal greater good?

Has the image of our greater good or the “intention of our incarnation” been blurred by the 21st century?

I am in a state of constant flux and yet my mind seeks security and safety.

In this state I create duality. Maybe i need to give the mind a better carrot to chase?

Time Shift Portal

Sit quietly in the current stream of time and space.

Where are you?

What images do you see? What sounds are in your environment?

Embed yourself into the now.

Feel grounded in your environment.

This is the reality of today.

Its time to just stop for a few minutes.

Vision about where you would like to be in 5 years. Give yourself a few minutes to create the image of your future self. Five years from today.

Take a pen and write the first 10 words that come to mind when you look at that image of your future self.

Circle any words that you strongly connect with.

If you wrote peace. Do you see yourself as a more peaceful person in the future?

Its OK if none of the words are circled, or if you circled every word on your list.

The importance of this exercise is to start creating a time loop to influence your future.

Connect with the words your have written by reading them over. Remember to highlight or circle the words that you are drawn too.

Repeat this exercise over a period of days or weeks. Until you have written at least 7 lists.

You need time for magic to enter your soul and reawaken the hidden messages.

This is a process of igniting the “intention of our incarnation”.

Take your time, there is no need to rush. Sleeping between writing gives your soul time to shift forward.

As you repeat the process, observe if your words change. Are you developing a clearer picture of the vision of yourself in 5 years? Are you creating a new image of your future self?

Once you have at least 7 lists of words. Collect your lists for evaluation.

From all the lists choose the 5 most repeated or most important words. The words that most speak to you about your future. The most challenging or descriptive words that embrace your journey to the next 5 years.

You can always adjust the words as you begin to use them.

I would suggest only 5 to begin with.

Write your five words down and place them in an envelope.

Holding the envelope imagine yourself handing the envelope to your future self.

Just shift the energy in your mind to create an image of your future self.

Hand the words over saying, “this is you”.

By sending the words into the future you are creating potential.

This is potential energy for change.

Repeat handing the words to your future self as often as it feels right. Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

Every time you reach out into the future with your thoughts, the energy current changes.

Influencing the outcome before arriving in linear time.

You can repeat the entire process every season or year. Your thoughts greatly influence your future.

FM 2020

Change portal

When traveling through a Change Portal life can become somewhat unpredictable.

The normal daily routine can become less fulfilling as the soul searching intensifies.

You intuitively know when your chosen path approaches a portal. There is an energy shift in the atmosphere. You feel anticipation for no particular reason.

Change Portal Signs

  1. Life events are repeated with more frequency. E.g. You keep meeting the same type of person or repeatedly seeing a particular color of car.
  2. You begin to grow away from material based relationships and friends. Seeking your Soul Family becomes important.
  3. Waking in the middle of the night, thinking you have forgotten something, is a common theme. Your soul can become restless.
  4. Messages from the Universe. A feather on your path, seeing 11.11 or other repeated numbers.
  5. Searching for a deeper purpose in life.

Signs of a Change Portal can be intense and confusing.

If you are in transition, there are a few activities that can smooth your path.

  1. Pause for a few minutes every day. Find a meditation site or video and give your soul some space.
  2. Review your progress every week. The change may take several months. Keeping a journal is an easy way to record the shift.
  3. Listen to the messages spirit is sending. Where were you going when you found that feather? What were you doing when you noticed 11.11?

It may feel like an uphill climb. Simply recognizing you are transitioning through a Change Portal, gives you the advantage of applying soul tools.

Soul Tools: Journaling : Meditation : Walking Meditation : Being in the Moment : Quiet Observation: Personal Time for Reflection

Tools to support transition and an understanding beyond the physical dimensions, will bring increased personal growth.

Set your soul on its path with intention and walk out of the maze.

Peace and love


Core Star Energy

A few weeks ago, I received a message about connecting to the Core Star energy. The image of our beautiful blue Earth, spinning in space, radiating a silver-blue energy from a star at its core drifted into my consciousness.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The message was to place a star of my own about 30 centimeters below my feet. And then link my personal star to the Core Star energy inside the Earth. Connecting my life-force to the energy of the planet.

The personal star below my feet, connecting to the Core Star inside the Earth, created a feeling of supportive warmth and protection. My Heart Energy increased, and I found equilibrium in my life-force.

Once my energy was restored, I felt refreshed and renewed.

Photo by Neemias Seara on Pexels.com

A few days later, I again connected to the Core Star energy. As the Core Star connected to my personal star below my feet, the energy traveled up my spine releasing out my crown portal (top of my head). The Core Star Energy flowed through my body, healing and restoring to the highest possible equilibrium.

I was connected to the innate knowledge of the Universe.

Reminded by the innate that we are all connected through love.

Our beings are eternal, beyond space and time.

My dreams became more vivid and a connection to the universal knowledge, ignited in my thoughts. I understood the act of returning home to a place of healthy thoughts and feelings.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I was connected to the Core Star energy through imagery that personalized my existence as an incarnate being. I was reminded of the important process of being connected to my original self.

Peace & Love