Future Vision

I vision the picture of my future.

I restructure my physical being,

Transforming and healing.

Energies come into balance.

My soul re-aligns into the sacred space.

Write a message to your future self.

Create your own reality.

Hold the vision close to your heart.

And enter the Space between Time,

Where anything is possible.

Feel the connection between now

And your future.

Write your story from your inner space.

The Earth will listen.

Manifestation originates from within.

Love and Peace

FM Dec 2020

Breath Healing

Healing the past with breath.

I draw a circle of change energy around me.

I recall the events in my life that require healing.

I breathe in the past,

Hold breath in the present,

And breathe out the future.

The quantum energy stream flows through my being.

I rest in the energy shift,

Adjusting to the new memory stream.

FM 2020

Woodland – Time Shift Music

Walking in the Cosmic between Time & Space

Sounds of the healing revolution created by FM 3048.org

Woodland is a sound sculpture of vibrational waves that create an event (portal) on the consciousness horizon.

Listen to the Woodland to open portals in the extended consciousness. The link below opens in the 3048.org Soundation Site.


The music is designed to loop through time and space to ignite vision quests.

Woodland is best encountered while in a quiet space, where you can close your eyes and open to the indigo and violet chakras.

Woodland is an “innerdance” of consciousness outside of time and space. You may journey to a past or future life, encounter a spirit guide or bring clarity to a current life path.

Woodland Meditation

Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit.

Relax each part of the body, starting from the feet, moving up the thighs, relaxing the breathing and lowering the shoulders. Let any tension flow from the body and vision a beautiful light surrounding your aura.

Connect your soul to the Earth Star Chakra and commence listening to Woodland.

Once the music has finished, give yourself time to adjust to any soul shift that may have taken place.

Repeat the process over a few days to consolidate the soul journey.

FM 2020

Portal Time

In the time between time,

It is possible to create a portal,

To the sacred space with no dimension.

Returning to the Origin, beyond thought.

FM 2020


I return to the ocean of the continuum.

My quantum being slowing down to full awareness.

I dissolve within the core of divine wisdom.

Connecting to the streams of life.

Pure Light Energy.

FM 2020

Forest Voice


The voice of the forest is a chapter in the book of the soul.

It speaks of the waterfall, the river, the moss on the ground and the ferns that line the stream.

I stand at the bottom of the waterfall,

Energy moving up and down the stream.

I am suspended in the flow.

In the healing space between breaths.

The water flows over my body, cleansing and healing.

My body and soul returns to balance.

FM 2020

The Jetty


Walk along a jetty as you breathe in the salty air.

An offshore breeze ripples across the harbor.

The boats rock at their moorings,

And seagulls spread their wings gliding the waves.

At the end of the jetty, pause and breathe deeply.

Life in abundance is streaming in all directions.

All you need to do is pause for a few moments.

Let the sea air cleanse your body,

And renew your life-force with the sounds of the ocean.

Bring nature into focus as deep healing energies wash over your body.

You are at the transition between land and sea.

Where life transforms between the earth and water.

Drink into your soul the sounds and sights of the ocean.

Breathe peacefully.

This is your time as a Sovereign Soul.

FM 2020


Earth Voice


Deep within the forest,

Between the filtered light,

Is a door to another dimension,

Filled with love and joy.

I wander to this place alone,

Where the streets are empty,

And all have gone home.

This is my quiet place.

I vision a fallen tree,

And there I sit, in the quiet, alone.

Peace wraps around me like a warm blanket,

And I drift between realities.

I am eternal in the other world.

My body is light and free.

I glide across the meadows,

And swim in blue streams.

For at this moment,

I am me.

FM 2020

Voice of the Tree

Vision a large tree with limbs that span the forest canopy.

At the base of the trunk is a seat covered in a soft blanket.

Snuggle down into the seat, feeling cocooned by the life-force of the tree.

Energy sensations travel up your Chakras, realigning your body.

All pain and sorrow dissolves.

A light emerges from your solar plexus.

You are a being of pure energy.

Existing outside of space and time.

Floating in this sacred space, in the freedom of your original home.

You are returned to the optimum state of being.

Embrace the sacred healing of the forest.

Let the energy sit in your soul.

Return balanced and renewed.

Peace and Love FM

Time Waterfall


Time flows back and loops to the source.

In everyday life I function in linear time. In heightened space consciousness I push back through the flow of time.

Looking in one dimension will only produce a linear outcome. Looking through the multidimensional reality, I can communicate both forward and backward through time.

I just step outside of the current paradigm. And step through into another dimension. Just focus on the conscious stream of light to see the pathway.

Nothing comes from nowhere. Everything has a point of origin. Take the path of the explorer and climb back up the waterfall.

There are no questions, just experiences. Questions are formed when you step outside the flow. And are used to create your own SpiritMap.

FM 2020