Vision Quest Day Six

Your journey is almost complete

And the task of creating a portal to the light field needs only a few more minutes.

Working with your inner wisdom, opening a space of creative and healing energy.

Breathe and find a comfortable position.

Before you, on a table sits the diamond.

You have journeyed with it out and beyond the restrictions of the physical world,

To the conscious flow of the universe.

Light energy has flowed back into the physical reality

This is an infinite source of inspiration and enlightenment.

The diamond begins to radiate

Floating above the table

Slowly turning

Beams of pure light energy emit from the diamond

Transforming your environment

Transporting you to a place of peace

You are floating in a sea of possibilities

Drifting, without time, without space.

In the essence of pure consciousness

A messenger, in the form of a light being approaches you

They share an image, a set of instructions on how to open the field of light

Using the diamond as a connecting symbol

You are in this field now

And with access to it, all potential changes, healing, development and enlightenment exists.

Share the communication with the light being

Be aware of how easily you can enter this space when needed

This is your pathway as a being of the universe

Record to memory any instructions given


And when ready

Return to current time, with the diamond floating before you.

Place the diamond into your pocket

Breathe and give yourself time to adjust to the present.

FM 2023

Hubble Watches Super Star Create Holiday Light Show by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

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