Forest Pool Healing

Walking in the forest, you arrive at a spring.

Clean, clear water is running down a small rockface.

At the base of the spring is a small, ankle deep, rock pool.

Remove your shoes and step into the cool water.

Bubbles rise around your feet and the water is refreshingly cool.

Small droplets of water splash on the rocks, leaving a mist of damp air.

You breathe in the oxygenated air and the body relaxes.

Energy rises through the pool, surrounding you in a feeling of wellness.

Stand in the quite stillness for a few moments, enjoying the peace.

Breathe deeply and let all tension in the body drain away.

You are connected to the healing energies of the Earth.

Commit this feeling to memory, so you can return at any time.

When you feel the cycle of healing is complete, step out of the pool.

Let your feet dry in the sun, and stretch your body.

Consolidating the healing into your body and soul.

Place your shoes back on your feet and continue the forest walk.

FM 2023

Photo by Manuela Adler on

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